3 Best Free Printable Covid Safety Wedding Signs

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Lemon Leaf Prints has some more great free printables for you! We have created 3 different covid safety wedding signs that are simple and easy to print off on your own!

These free printables are 8.5"x11" in size, so it is very easy for you to print them at home and you can frame them with standard frames you can buy at a store. Because they are black and white they go with any wedding theme. If you add a matte around the images, you can match them with your wedding colors.

There are three that you can print off. One is for social distancing and two are related to wearing a mask. The first one says "Spread love, not Covid. Please take a mask if you need one". The second one says "Love is in the air, but so is Covid. Please wear a mask". The third one says "Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Kindly practice social distancing".

You can see mockups of all these signs below.

If you have any questions about these signs, please contact our customer service department.

These free printable Covid safety wedding signs are provided courtesy of designer Wasootch for Lemon Leaf Prints. If you'd like to share this free printable on social media, we ask that you link back to this blog post please. Personal use only!

Download these free printable
Covid Safety Wedding Signs

*** Click on the image or the link to be taken to the printable .pdf file that you can download.

* Spread love, not Covid free printable Covid safety wedding sign

* Love is in the air, but so is Covid free printable Covid safety wedding sign

* Distance makes the heart grow fonder free printable Covid safety wedding sign

NOTE: You are free to use these free printable Covid safety wedding signs for your own personal use. They are not to be used commercially or sold or redistributed in any way. These signs are copyright to designer Wasootch and have been provided for Lemon Leaf Prints to share. If you want to share these on social media, please make sure to link to this page on Lemon Leaf Prints. Thank you!

As always, we will be posting more fun freebies, so check back often.

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