Printing Techniques

You will be delighted to see the quality of your printed stationery from Lemon Leaf Prints. Whether it be your wedding invitation, address mailing label, family photo holiday Christmas card, or your business card, you'll notice that Lemon Leaf Prints uses high quality digital printing on a variety of luxurious quality paper cardstock choices.

The designs on Lemon Leaf Prints are printed using the highest quality digital printing presses available.

With digital printing, the quality of the print from the press will rival traditional offset printing. The digital presses we use for our printing use liquid ink instead of toner. This results in bright color and a long-lasting print. Unlike traditional offset printing though, digital printing is much more efficient allowing for a greater variety of designs to be printed on-demand. That's why we can offer you such a varied design selection and post new designs frequently. Digital printing allows that. And we don't sacrifice any of the quality!

We use HP commercial printing presses for all our prints.