Terms of Purchase


The Covid-19 pandemic is an ever changing, fluid situation.

If you have any questions about ordering with us during this time, please contact our customer service team.

At Lemon Leaf Prints superb product quality and excellent customer service are our top priorities. This means our printing partner utilizes high quality products and state of the art printing techniques, while our experienced and innovative graphic designers provide unique and original designs and second to none customer service.

Our Commitment to Keeping Things Fresh

Our expert indie designers are eager to add one-of-a-kind designs to our product collections and they are committed to adding new designs frequently. Everybody has something they are passionate about and each person wants a design that speaks to their individual spirit. Our designers believe in providing modern designs, traditional designs, classically elegant designs, trend-setting and trendy designs, and also offbeat designs that will appeal to people of all walks of life.

There are no design contests or content editors deciding what our customers want to buy, as is the case on some other print sites. We let our customers decide what designs appeal to them, thereby keeping our design offerings fresh, original, and timely. That's why we know you'll find designs on Lemon Leaf Prints you'll not find anywhere else.

Affordable Quality Commitment

Lemon Leaf Prints strives to take some of the stress out of shopping for special occasion and business stationery by having a commitment to everyday affordable pricing while still maintaining great quality. We are dedicated to bringing you a fabulous, high quality selection of wedding and special occasion stationery suites, holiday greeting cards and party invitations, business cards and matching business stationery, as well as a variety of art, gifts, and accessories at affordable prices. You don't have to wait for sales at Lemon Leaf Prints to feel you are getting the best price. We offer competitive prices each and every day. To keep costs down, we have a number of initiatives in place:

  • Our expert designers typeset and proofread every custom purchase. This means that you are paying for a one-of-a-kind, custom typeset item that the designer has checked every detail on before sending you the proof. You get custom service at an affordable price! The designer can often use their expertise to adjust fonts or spacing if you have extra text that you want to incorporate into the design. *Please note that for extensive changes, the designer may charge you a design fee.
  • Our very low overhead means that we can pass along savings to our customers. At Lemon Leaf Prints, we are a collaboration of graphic designers, artists, and photographers from all over the globe who have partnered with a first class printing partner. Our designers, artists and photographers do what they do best and our printing partner does what they do best. We've utilized innovative technology to create an efficient workflow between these key players. Our customers can be assured that any purchases they make at Lemon Leaf Prints will not only be a benefit to them, but will also be rewarding to our designers, artists, and photographers, who have the freedom to create unique and timely designs in their varied styles.

Custom Design Requests

We want to provide you with the perfect personalized product to suit your individual needs.

Before you purchase, please contact the designer of the product you are interested in to ensure that any special requests can be provided on a complimentary basis (color changes, design changes, etc). Not all changes can be complimentary with purchase. See below for more details.

Complimentary Services

When you purchase a product that requires personalization, the product designer will personalize the wording and any logo/photo(s) (if applicable) for you for free and send you a proof of what the design will look like with your personalized wording and logo/photo(s).

Note: the above complimentary designer services include up to three design proofs on the text and/or template photo(s)/logo changes (initial proof + two revisions). That is, the designer will send you up to three proofs of the design. Any additional revisions over and above the three proofs will incur an extra $5.00 fee per proof.

The designer can also help you repurpose the text on a sample design. For example, the designer can help you change the wording on a wedding invitation into wording formatted for a bridal shower or any other special occasion.

Our designers cannot fix "red-eye" or motion blur, or retouch the color on your personal photos as a complimentary service. Please ensure that any photographs or logos you want to use comply with our guidelines.

If possible, our designers will add matching products to a design for free, if the requested products have not already been added to the site. For example, if you like a wedding invitation and want wedding stickers to go with that design, you can contact the designer to have the matching wedding stickers added to the site if they are not already available. Please note that only products from Lemon Leaf Prints' product list can be added. All designs may not be suitable for all available products. The individual designer can let you know if a product can be added or not. Lastly, due to the time intensive nature of creating matching special occasion programs, a custom design fee may be necessary.

Please use the “contact the designer" button on the product page for questions regarding any particular design.

Other Customizations

In an effort to keep product costs down, the following, more labour intensive customizations, may incur a customization fee. Also, some designs may not be eligible for some customizations. For any and all customizations of a product, you can get in touch with the designer of the product using the “contact the designer" button on the product page of the design you are interested in. All customization fees are negotiated directly between the designer and the customer. The fees are non-refundable. Lemon Leaf Prints is not liable for any payment arrangements made between you (the customer) and any of the Lemon Leaf Prints designers, artists, or photographers.

Some examples of customizations that may incur a design fee:

  • Additional revisions after a designer has already sent three proofs for any item.
  • Major layout changes and/or resizing of a design (this does not apply to matching items requests - in most instances).
  • New design elements or changes to existing elements (ie. design color changes, addition of extra photos to the design).
  • Changing the background color(s) on a design (when available).
  • Changing the color(s) of any of the graphic design elements (when available).
  • Adding a logo to any design that doesn't already include a template logo.
  • Adding a personal crest to any design (when available).
  • Changing the paper size of any of our designs.

Decorative Fonts & Texts

  • Any changes to text that is a part of the design graphic. (ie. Decorative "Bridal Shower" wording to "Wedding Invitation" when it involves major reworking of the text).

Images & Photos

  • Adding photo(s) to a special occasion program.
  • Adding a photo(s) to any design that doesn't already include a template photo.
  • Color correcting or photo editing customer's photos.
  • Adding multiple photos to any design.

Foreign Languages:

  • Changing the text to a language other than English, or adding any foreign language to the card (ie. adding a Hebrew name to a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah invitation).
  • Please note that adding a foreign language will sometimes require that you provide us with print quality image files of your text in EPS, PDF, AI, or transparent PNG form.
  • Our designers will assist you with providing the appropriate image files. Customers assume all legal responsibilities for the images and other information they submit.

Completely Custom Designs:

If you like a particular designer's work and want them to create a completely custom design for you, the fee will be determined at the discretion of the designer. Note that with custom designs, designers still retain copyright of all graphics.


  • Please note that due to copyright laws, graphics from one designer's design cannot be added to another designer's design for any reason. Also, if you like a particular designer's design, only that designer can assist you with any changes.

Our Fresh Guarantee

We know that when you see products on the internet you can't be absolutely certain what they will look like in person. Also, monitors vary in how they display the colors in images, so it can be difficult to know if the color in a design is exactly what you are looking for. To combat these challenges, we strive to provide accurate descriptions and images for you to feel confident in making your purchase. However, should these measures prove insufficient, we have a “Fresh Guarantee". If you aren't absolutely thrilled with any product you purchase from Lemon Leaf Prints, we'll make sure to get you something you love. However, we can't be held responsible for wording errors not found by you during the proofing process. Therefore, we need you to check over proofs very carefully before you approve them. If a wording error is not caught by you before the order is sent to print, you will need to pay for a reprint of the product that contains the wording error. Please contact us within 21 days of receiving your order and we'll arrange a reprint, an exchange, a store credit, or a refund (less applicable fees) depending on your individual circumstances.

Order Cancellation Policy

Go into your order history, click on the link for your order number, and then click on the link that says "REQUEST A REPLACEMENT OR A REFUND". Fill out the information in the form and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you through email about the status of your request.

Depending on the status of your order, cancellation may not be necessary. For example, for a customized product, if you need to change the personalization details that you submitted when ordering, you can still do this during the proofing stage. However, once you have approved the proof(s) and the order has been sent to print, the personalization details can no longer be changed without a reorder. Our customer service agents are happy to assist you with reordering. Please see our reorder policy below. If you would like to reorder, please contact our customer service or live chat department for help.

A $15 proofing fee applies whenever we receive a request to cancel an order while it is already in the proofing stage. That is, any orders cancelled during the proofing time window will be charged a $15 proofing fee.


If you want to reorder, you can do so at any time by finding your order number in your order history, clicking on your order number and clicking on "reorder this order".

We understand that sometimes mistakes are made when personalizing text and that certain circumstances may result in changes to venues or dates. If you've made a mistake on your wording or need to change your wording after you've ordered and the order is already in the printing, shipping, or delivery stages, you will need to reorder the items in order to fix the errors. Contact customer service to reorder any items needing changes. Customer service will check to make sure that your reorder is worded correctly and will provide a one time *30% discount on reorders of this type.

To prevent unnecessary product waste, please double-check all personalized text for accuracy prior to ordering. When you order, you are required to approve the proof before the item is sent to print.

*This discount may not be combined with any other Lemon Leaf Prints promotional or volume discount offers. If a volume discount applies to your reorder, you will receive either this one time 30% discount or the standard volume bonus discount, whichever is greater.

Reprints & Refunds


  • Should the product you receive have an issue with the printing* or is lost or damaged in shipping, we will reprint your order and expedite the shipping on the reprint or we will issue a refund or store credit, depending on your preference.
  • You are required to provide us with a digital photo of any printing issues before a reprint, store credit, or refund is issued.
  • Please contact us within 21 days of purchase to receive a reprint, store credit, or refund. You can also go into your order history, click on the link for your order number, and then click on the link that says "REQUEST A REPLACEMENT OR A REFUND". Fill out the information in the form and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you through email about the status of your request.

* Printing errors that may occur might include poor color representation**, streaks, borders not aligned, etc.

** The way that monitors display colors varies greatly. Laptops, tablets, and smart phones also display colors differently than desktop computers. We cannot guarantee that the color you expect, based on how it looks on your screen, will look the same as how it will print out. For example, oftentimes, colors look darker when printed. However, some color errors do occur with printing. Each complaint will be examined on a case by case basis to determine if a printing error has occurred.


We work hard to ensure you'll receive top quality products as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, we also understand that sometimes the best intentions fall short of expectations. NOTE: We can't be held responsible for event related issues outside our control. Therefore, if your event date changes or you need to cancel your event, we won't be able to refund your purchase if it's already been printed.

  • If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, contact our customer service team within 21 days of receiving your order and they will be happy to arrange a refund or store credit, less any applicable fees*. You can also go into your order history, click on the link for your order number, and then click on the link that says "REQUEST A REPLACEMENT OR A REFUND". Fill out the information in the form and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you through email about the status of your request.
  • If your order encounters a shipping problem (late shipment) due to an error on our part or by our courier, you are eligible for either a reprint (with expedited shipping) or a full refund, including the cost of shipping. Determining whether a shipment is late will depend on the shipping method chosen and the destination. Please contact customer service if you are concerned about shipping delays on your order.
    Please note, USPS has attractive rates, but does not guarantee their ship times.
  • You selected rush shipping or overnight shipping and you didn't receive the item in the rush or overnight time estimates, we will refund the difference in shipping costs as compared to standard shipping costs.
    *Please note, rush shipping does not pertain to the proofing or printing process. Proofing and printing does not occur on weekends or major holidays.
  • We also have estimated turnaround times on all our products. Any product that is still in the processing/proofing stage after the maximum number of turnaround days has passed is eligible for a full refund including the cost of shipping.
  • If you choose to order a product where you have not adhered to advice by the designer of the item, or if you have not followed our recommended image guidelines for designs, photos, or logos, and are unhappy with the product, we will not offer a refund.

*Note: Applicable fees are defined as shipping, proofing, taxes and **restocking fees if they apply.

**Restocking fee is 25% of purchase price.

Need to Order More

If you would like to purchase additional quantities of items within order, you can do so at any time by finding your order number in your order history, clicking on your order number and clicking on "reorder this order". You can select a different quantity if you'd like on the reorder page.

Note that this is a new additional order and will be subject to its own shipping costs. We can't add additional quantities to an order once the order is in the processing/proofing, printing, shipping, or delivery stages.

NOTE: Lemon Leaf Prints reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason prior to the proofing, printing and shipping phase.