Art by Jess

Art by Jess

$16.80 for 10
$1.68  per folded card
$19.50 for 10
$1.95  per flat card

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$16.20 for 10
$1.62  per flat card
$18.45 for 1
$18.45  per art print
$21.25 for 25
$0.85  per gift tag
$20.45 for 1
$20.45  per art print
$6.50 for 10
$0.65  per flat card
$20.00 for 10
$2.00  per flat card
$19.20 for 32
$0.60  per sticker
$20.00 for 10
$2.00  per flat card
$16.45 for 1
$16.45  per art print
$7.50 for 10
$0.75  per flat card
$18.50 for 10
$1.85  per flat card
$6.50 for 10
$0.65  per flat card
$31.45 for 1
$31.45  per art print
$16.00 for 1
$16.00  per art print

About designer

Hi, my name is Jess and I enjoy creating fun, whimsical cartoon designs that appeal to new mom's and work well for baby shower and birthday invitations. I have been drawing ever since I was a child, and I come from a family of artists. I have been in the digital art / graphic design industry for over 10-years, and I enjoy creating beautiful cards for my clients. Each one of my illustrations is drawn by me and then created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I enjoy my work very much and hope you do too! 

My passion started as a child for animals as well, so you will also find me on the web as the business name: All Pets Cherished. I operate as both Allpetscherished and Art by Jess. I love to incorporate all types of animals in my drawings, and I'm also surrounded by them in real life. My personal life revolves around 2 wonderful children, a horse, a dog, and three cats nestled in the country where I can enjoy nature and life daily.