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Artistically Invited is a proud member of Lemon Leaf Prints!


"Hello, my name is Amy!  I have been designing invitations and other products since 2009. I have an education and background in art but did not realize until recent years just how much I love designing invitations! I have a style people can immediately recognize and is considered unique in the invitation world.

I'm inspired mostly by rustic designs, using textures and Southern country elements in my creations. My other passion is in modern and bold designs. The thing that makes most of my designs truly distinguished is my use of depth and realism in my compositions and digital illustrations. I custom design and illustrate everything using various professional design tools on my computer.

I appreciate things (and people) that are down-to-earth, humorous, and a little left-of-center. I value integrity, generosity, and 80's family sitcom style values."