These are our frequently asked questions. Click on a question that you're interested in and it will display the answer.
If these don't answer your question, please contact customerservice@lemonleafprints.com.

What are your hours of operation?

Our customer service hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST. Our designers set their own business hours according to their locations. We are closed for all major statutory holidays.

What kind of printing techniques do you use?

You can read about our printing techniques here.

Can I get a sample?

After you've ordered, we provide an electronic proof (sample) that will contain your specific wording and/or photo(s). This proof will reflect what your printed product would look like printed on basic white paper. Our minimum order quantities do not allow us to provide single paper samples of any of our designs. 

What are your paper types and dimensions?

You can learn about our paper quality and sizes here.

Are there quantity discounts?

Quantity discounts, where available, are listed on the product pages above the add to cart button.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Sales tax will be added to the order totals for orders that ship to the following states:

  • California

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order dollar amount. However, each product has a minimum quantity requirement that varies by product. You can find the minimum quantity information on the individual product page. 

What kind of payment methods can I use?

You can choose to pay by Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

What are my envelope options?

Read about our envelopes options here.

Are envelopes included with invitations? If so, what kind?

Envelopes are an optional purchase with our invitations. This gives you the choice to purchase from us or elsewhere, as we are unable to carry a wide variety of envelope choices. Read about our envelopes options here.

Can I get more envelopes?

Yes. Please contact customer service for this request and we will process this request manually for you.

Can I get both inner and outer envelopes?

Lemon Leaf Prints wedding stationery suites come with a single envelope. We do not currently offer an option for both an outer envelope (used to print your mailing addresses on) and an inner envelope (used to print the names of invitees only). If you are interested in this, you can order our invitations without envelopes and then purchase inner and outer envelopes from an envelope specialty store.

What options do I have for printing addresses on my envelopes?

At this time we can offer you address labels and return address labels. In the future we hope to offer address printing on envelopes. However, at this time, you have the option to purchase our invitations without envelopes. You can then order printed addresses on envelopes through envelope specialty stores. 

Do you address the envelopes with my guests' names?

No, we currently do not provide this service. If you prefer to have the guests' names printed on your envelopes, you can choose to not purchase our envelopes and then purchase envelopes from a specialty envelope store. These specialty stores have a wonderful selection of envelopes and they provide this service. These specialty stores even carry a selection of inner and outer envelopes. Example website: envelopes.com. 

How do I apply a special offer to my order?

Once you've added your item(s) to your cart, you can go to the cart page by clicking the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner to visit your cart. In the cart, there is a box to enter your promo code. You can also enter the promo code during the checkout phase. The promo code box is located to the right side during the checkout process.

Please ensure you use your promo code at the time of ordering. Once you've ordered, we can't apply the promo code. 

I already placed an order. Can I still make use of a special offer?

Because we have already processed the order, we aren't able to apply a special discount.

What if I've made a mistake and need to change something?

Changes can be made up until the time of proof approval. Once the proof(s) have been approved, no changes can be made and the order is sent to print. So it is very important to make sure the proof(s) are perfect before you approve them.

Can I change my paper or envelope options after my order has been placed?

If your order hasn't gone to print yet, please contact customerservice@lemonleafprints.com to cancel the order so that you can reorder it the way you want.

Can I change my shipping method or address after I've placed my order?

Depending on the status of your order we might be able to change these for you. However, there may be an additional cost if you change your shipping method. This will not be possible if the order has already been sent to ship. Please contact our customer service representatives with your request and we'll see what we can do.

Can I order more after my order has been placed?

If you would like to purchase additional quantities of items within your order, you can do so at any time by finding your order number in your order history, clicking on your order number and clicking on "reorder this order". You can select a different quantity if you'd like on the reorder page.

Note that this is a new additional order and will be subject to its own shipping costs. We can't add additional quantities to an order once the order is in the processing/proofing, printing, shipping, or delivery stages.

How do I order more or re-order an existing design?

Find your order number in your order history. Click on your order number. Then click on "reorder this order". You can select a different quantity if you'd like on the reorder page.

How do I find matching RSVP cards, other enclosure cards, thank you cards, and any other matching items?

To find the matching RSVP card or any other items that match your design, visit the product page for your design and click on it to open the product page. Underneath the product image you'll see existing matching items and related products. Click on one of these to visit its product page and add it to your order.

If you cannot find a matching item, please contact the designer of the design you like to request a matching item. In most cases the designer should be able to apply the design that you like to the format that you need. Please note that there may be a custom fee charged for this.

Before I place my order, can I see my personalized text and/or photo(s) on the design I'm interested in?

After you've ordered, we provide an electronic proof (sample) that will contain your specific wording and/or photo(s). This proof will reflect what your printed product will look like. Our designers will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the final result. 

How do I know if my item comes with a digital proof?

All customized (personalized) products come with a digital proof. Your digital proof will be emailed to you for approval. Please see our proofing resource page for turnaround information.

How do I make changes to a proof?

If you receive a proof from the designer that needs changes, simply "decline" the proof and type in the changes you would like in the "reasons for decline" text box. The designer will make the changes and send you a new proof. If you want to change a photo to a different one, the designer will contact you to get the new photo. The designer may also contact you if they need clarification on the required changes.

Do you proofread for spelling, grammatical errors, or omissions?

While we will try to correct any obvious errors or omissions, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information you submit and that you review the proof for any errors. We also suggest having a second or third person review the proof with you.

Will my item have a logo on it?

Depending on the item, it may have a small logo on the back. If a product has a logo, it is visible to you on the product image. 

Can I buy the design in digital format so I can print it myself at home?

No, our site specializes in printed invitations, therefore they are not available for print at home through our website.

Why do some items have "unavailable" over them?

A customizable product will appear unavailable during such times as the designer of that product is taking time off (vacation, illness, death in the family, etc.). There is a date listed on the product page that indicates when it will be available again.

How come I can't reach the designer?

Our designers endeavour to respond to contacts as quickly as possible. However, if you have not received an email from a designer within the designated timeframe (ie., 48 business hours for proofs), please check your spam folder. If there is nothing there, please contact customerservice@lemonleafprints.com.

How much postage will I need for my cards or invitations?

For specific rates, you should check USPS (or your local courier). To ensure you have the correct postage, take a single invitation, including any and all enclosures, to your post office or courier to get the final cost. Note, square and oversized invitations and cards require extra postage. 

We would hate for your invitations to be returned to you for insufficient postage!

There are also minimum size requirements to mail an item. For example, as per the USPS, you can't mail anything smaller than 3.5"x5". Envelopes and postcards need to be at least that size.

Do you sell table numbers?

We currently do not have a table number product available for sale on our website. It may be possible, however, to request a custom order from the designer to create them. Contact the designer of the design you'd like to have used on the table number.

Why does it say "per sticker/label" but shows 4 stickers/labels?

The price for stickers and labels reflects an individual sticker/label. They come printed on a sheet of four. 

Can you change the color of the design?

It is often possible to change the colors on a design. However, please contact the designer of the design you are interested in prior to purchasing the product in order to ensure they can accommodate your request. Some color changes may incur a custom design fee.

Can I order a design I like in a different color?

At Lemon Leaf Prints we strive to satisfy our customer's wish for the perfect custom design. Often times, our designers can change some things for free. However, some more labour intensive customizations, may incur a customization fee. Also, some designs may not be eligible for some customizations. For any and all customizations of a design (product), you can get in touch with the graphic designer of the design using the “contact the designer” button on the product page of the design you are interested in and they can inform you of any extra fees if required.

Note: all customization fees are negotiated directly between the designer and the customer. The fees are non-refundable. Lemon Leaf Prints is not liable for any payment arrangements made between you (the customer) and any of the Lemon Leaf Prints designers, artists, or photographers.

Can I change the wording on a design?

Yes, our designers do extensive wording changes at no extra charge. For example, you might like a design that is an engagement party invitation, but want to use it for a bridal shower. Our designers can change the wording for you when you purchase. Just add in your personalized text on the product page when you order. Please ensure your information is accurate, complete, and how you'd like it to appear on the product. 

Can I use the wording from one design for a different design?

Yes, in most cases designers can use any wording you choose. However, it may be dependent on the design. For more information, contact the designer of the design you are interested in prior to purchase. 

Can you change the font(s) to something I specifically want?

It is often possible to change the fonts on a design. However, please contact the designer of the design you are interested in prior to purchasing the product in order to ensure they can accommodate your request. Some font changes may incur a custom design fee. Most fonts are not free and the designer may not have a specific font you like in their font library. If you want a font changed, it is important that you pick out alternative fonts yourself. Our designers will not send you a variety of font "mockups", as this is too time consuming.

What can I have customized on the product design?

Included in the purchase price is customization (personalization) of the wording and/or the photo(s) only. Any other changes to the design itself (colors, fonts, design elements, etc.), may incur a custom design fee. Contact the designer of the design you are interested in prior to purchase in order to determine if there is an additional charge for what you are looking for.

Do you do custom design work?

Yes our designers are willing to do custom design work. You may be charged a custom design fee at the discretion of the designer.

Can you add non-English wording or names to an invitation?

Adding a foreign language may incur a custom design fee at the discretion of the designer of the product. Our designer's font selection for various languages may be limited and some designers prefer to not work with all foreign languages. Please contact the designer in advance of ordering to determine if they will be able to fulfill your request and how much it might cost. We won't be able to help you with typos, spell-checking, or word choice in languages other than English. Please make sure that you provide your personalized details accurately and carefully check your digital proof(s) for any errors before approving!

  • Please note that adding a foreign language will sometimes require that you provide us with print quality image files of your text in EPS, PDF, AI, or transparent PNG form (ie., adding a Hebrew name to a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah invitation).
  • Our designers will assist you with providing the appropriate image files if required. Customers assume all legal responsibilities for the images and other information they submit.

Will you print my message in a language other than English?

Changing the wording to a language other than English, or adding any foreign language to a product (ie. adding a Hebrew name to a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah invitation) may incur a custom design fee. Please contact the designer of the product prior to ordering in order to determine if an additional charge will apply. Please note, not all designers work with foreign languages and may not be able to accommodate your request.

If I want real bows, glitter, ribbon etc. can you do that for me?

No, we currently print flat digital designs without any three dimensional or raised embellishments.

Can some elements from one design be put with another design?

Yes, but only if the elements are from the same designer. You may be charged a custom design fee at the discretion of the designer. 

Can I use the business design I purchased as the header on my website and social media platforms?

Contact the designer of the design you purchased to ask if they will create a header for your website and social media platforms. If they agreed to this, there will likely be a charge.

Why won't you use the photo I sent you?

Some photos will not print well due to image size and/or resolution. Others will not print well because they are blurry or out of focus. Still others may not print well due to poor lighting conditions. We also cannot print abusive, x-rated, hateful, exploitative, or other questionable photos. For more information, please see our photo guidelines.

Can photos from my iPhone or iPad be used in my design?

For best print results, follow our photo guidelines. iPhones, iPads and other smart devices may be set to send photos in a lower screen resolution. Make sure the settings send the photo in the largest resolution available or the actual size rather than a smaller, compressed size.

How should I optimize the print quality of my photos?

For best print results, follow our photo guidelines.

What are your shipping options?

We offer the following shipping options:

  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Priority Overnight
  • FedEx Standard Overnight 
  • FedEx 2Day 
  • FedEx Express Saver
  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 3 Day Select
  • UPS 2nd Day Air
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver 
  • UPS Next Day Air

Where is my proof?

Your digital proof(s) will be emailed to you for approval by our designers. Please see our proofing resource page for turnaround information. If you haven't received your proof within the estimated time, please check your spam folder. If it is not there, please contact customer service and we'll resolve the issue.

Is there a rush service option?

We have options to rush the shipping of your item(s). Due to the nature of our business, the proofing process and the printing process can't be rushed. Please see our turnaround estimates for more information.

When will my shipment arrive?

Please refer to our turnaround estimates. Your turnaround will depend on the shipping method and carrier you chose as well as the shipping destination. It also depends on your timely response in the proofing stage for customizable products.

Do you ship internationally?

No, we ship only to U.S. addresses at this time. 

Which countries can I ship an order to?

We ship anywhere within the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

What is your return policy?

We have a “Fresh Guarantee”. If you aren't absolutely thrilled with any product you purchase from Lemon Leaf Prints, we'll make sure to get you something you love. For more details, read about our return policy in our terms of purchase. The return policy is towards the end of the page.

What should I do if there's something wrong with an order I received?

Contact customer service and we'll resolve the issue for you and ensure your 100% satisfaction.

What should I do if something is missing from my order?

Contact customer service and we'll resolve the issue for you and ensure your 100% satisfaction.

How do I cancel my order?

Go into your order history, click on the link for your order number, and then click on the link that says "REQUEST A REPLACEMENT OR A REFUND". Fill out the information in the form and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you through email about the status of your request.

You can read about our cancellation policy in our Terms of Purchase

Can I cancel an item in an order without cancelling the whole order?

Depending on the status of your order, this may not possible. For example, if the items are already printing or shipping, any cancellation requests will follow our policies within our Terms of Purchase

How long will a reprint or refund take to receive?

Printing of a reprint can take up to 3 business days, however we will expedite the shipping. 

Time to get your refund varies with the payment provider you chose to pay with. For example, if you paid with your credit card using Paypal, the money would go back to your card and it can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement. If you paid with your PayPal balance or bank account, the money will be returned to your PayPal balance within 3-5 days. 

Do you have calligraphy services?

We currently don't have an option for hand-penned calligraphy services.

Do you have an affiliate program?

No, not at this time. 

I'm a professional photographer and I'd like to know if I can submit photos to you for use in your sample photo designs and be credited for them on your site?

Please contact customer service. We'd be happy to look over your portfolio.