Interested in a Custom Design?

We want to provide you with the perfect personalized product to suit your individual needs.

Before you purchase, please contact the designer of the product you are interested in to ensure that any special requests can be provided on a complimentary basis (color changes, design changes, etc). Not all changes can be complimentary with purchase. See below for more details.

Complimentary Services

When you purchase a product that requires personalization, the product designer will personalize the wording and any logo/photo(s) (if applicable) for you for free and send you a proof of what the design will look like with your personalized wording and logo/photo(s).

Note: the above complimentary designer services include up to three design proofs on the text and/or template photo(s)/logo changes (initial proof + two revisions). That is, the designer will send you up to three proofs of the design. Any additional revisions over and above the three proofs will incur an extra $5.00 fee per proof.

The designer can also help you repurpose the text on a sample design. For example, the designer can help you change the wording on a wedding invitation into wording formatted for a bridal shower or any other special occasion.

Our designers cannot fix "red-eye" or motion blur, or retouch the color on your personal photos as a complimentary service. Please ensure that any photographs or logos you want to use comply with our guidelines.

If possible, our designers will add matching products to a design for free, if the requested products have not already been added to the site. For example, if you like a wedding invitation and want wedding stickers to go with that design, you can contact the designer to have the matching wedding stickers added to the site if they are not already available. Please note that only products from Lemon Leaf Prints' product list can be added. All designs may not be suitable for all available products. The individual designer can let you know if a product can be added or not. Lastly, due to the time intensive nature of creating matching special occasion programs, a custom design fee may be necessary.

Please use the “contact the designer" button on the product page for questions regarding any particular design.

Other Customizations

In an effort to keep product costs down, the following, more labour intensive customizations, may incur a customization fee. Also, some designs may not be eligible for some customizations. For any and all customizations of a product, you can get in touch with the designer of the product using the “contact the designer" button on the product page of the design you are interested in. All customization fees are negotiated directly between the designer and the customer. The fees are non-refundable. Lemon Leaf Prints is not liable for any payment arrangements made between you (the customer) and any of the Lemon Leaf Prints designers, artists, or photographers.

Some examples of customizations that may incur a design fee:

  • Additional revisions after a designer has already sent three proofs for any item.
  • Changing the font(s) used for the wording.
  • Major layout changes and/or resizing of a design (this does not apply to matching items requests - in most instances).
  • New design elements or changes to existing elements (ie. design color changes, addition of extra photos to the design).
  • Changing the background color(s) on a design (when available).
  • Changing the color(s) of any of the graphic design elements (when available).
  • Adding a logo to any design that doesn't already include a template logo.
  • Adding a personal crest to any design (when available).
  • Changing the paper size of any of our designs.

Decorative Fonts & Texts

  • Any changes to text that is a part of the design graphic. (ie. Decorative "Bridal Shower" wording to "Wedding Invitation" when it involves major reworking of the text).

Images & Photos

  • Adding photo(s) to a special occasion program.
  • Adding a photo(s) to any design that doesn't already include a template photo.
  • Color correcting or photo editing customer's photos.
  • Adding multiple photos to any design.

Foreign Languages:

  • Changing the text to a language other than English, or adding any foreign language to a product (ie. adding a Hebrew name to a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah invitation).
  • Please note that adding a foreign language will sometimes require that you provide us with print quality image files of your text in EPS, PDF, AI, or transparent PNG form.
  • Our designers will assist you with providing the appropriate image files. Customers assume all legal responsibilities for the images and other information they submit.

Completely Custom Designs:

If you like a particular designer's work and want them to create a completely custom design for you, the fee will be determined at the discretion of the designer. Note that with custom designs, designers still retain copyright of all graphics.


  • Please note that due to copyright laws, graphics from one designer's design cannot be added to another designer's design for any reason. Also, if you like a particular designer's design, only that designer can assist you with any changes.