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A selection of unique, creative and fresh personalized housewarming party invitations, moving announcements, reunion party invitations, and other general party invitations at Lemon Leaf Prints. We also have a selection of In Memoriam photo cards to honor a lost loved one.

Click on the categories below to find exactly what you're looking for.

$14.00 for 1
$14.00  per art print
$10.00 for 1
$10.00  per art print
$26.50 for 10
$2.65  per folded card
$26.00 for 10
$2.60  per folded card
$25.20 for 10
$2.52  per folded card
$21.00 for 10
$2.10  per folded card
$20.00 for 10
$2.00  per flat card