Roaring Twenties Sweet 16 Invitations Styled From the 1920s

 Feb 18, 2020    Party Ideas and Inspiration  sweet 16, sweet 16 party invitations

With the year being 2020, a perfect theme choice for any party is to host a roaring 20s party! It's the perfect theme for a Sweet 16 party. With a Roaring Twenties Sweet 16 party, you can be inspired by the fashion and art from that infamous decade of indulgence, the 1920s.

About the Roaring Twenties

The decade of the 1920s is often referred to as the Roaring Twenties or Jazz Age. It was a period of great economic boom following World War I. The decade was characterized by jazz big band music, art deco design, prohibition, and flappers (women wearing knee-length dresses with bob haircuts). There was also large-scale adoption of automobiles, telephones, motion pictures, radio, and household electricity.

Due to alcohol prohibition, Speakeasies were popular. These unlicensed barrooms got their name for how low you had to speak the password for entry. Speakeasies ranged from fancy clubs (ballroom dance floors and jazz bands) to restaurants to dingy back rooms and basements. Women were welcomed as patrons and men and women were no longer segregated socially. In fact, the term "dating" was first introduced during this era (young singles would meet without parental supervision).

The Roaring Twenties also resulted in quite a few firsts. As the alcohol was often poorly made, it was offered mixed with other more palatable elements, thus creating the mixed drink. The first animated short film by Walt Disney, Steamboat Willie was released in 1928. It featured Mickey Mouse. The first commercial radio stations were established in the US. Art became more modern with art deco and surrealism. Women first abandoned more restrictive fashions, often wearing short skirts and trousers. Men also abandoned highly formal daily dress and began wearing athletic clothing for the first time.

As you can see, it was a decade of invention that freed many from restrictive social norms. It's a wonderful sweet 16 party theme because of the decadence and design.

Roaring Twenties Sweet 16 Invitations

Roaring Twenties sweet 16 birthday invitations generally feature art deco design elements and other themes related to the age. It's a glamorous theme, so invitations are often dramatic. Gold and black are common. It's also a perfect theme for a hispanic 15th birthday quinceañera celebration.

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Note: any gold in any of the above designs is simulated by the design and the ink on the paper. The above are not printed using metallic ink. If you choose ice pearl paper, the paper itself has shimmer built in and will show a bit in the lighter areas of the designs.

We have a variety of Roaring 20s invitation designs where the wording can be changed to something suitable for a Sweet 16.

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