Sweet 16 Invitation Wording

 Aug 4, 2015    Party Ideas and Inspiration

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Turning sweet 16 is a major event for teen girls, and many consider this milestone birthday to represent a giant leap toward adulthood. The lavish sweet sixteen birthday parties that are thrown for girls who will soon be driving and picking out the right college for their future career plans start with sweet 16 invitations. Sweet sixteen invitation wording can be difficult for teens and their parents to figure out. While the details are a must, what else should the invitations reflect? Here are some tips and ideas that make sweet 16th invites as unique as the birthday girl.

Sweet 16 Invitation Wording Basics

Sweet 16 invitation wording does not necessarily have to include a quote or poem. Including just the details about the party can suffice. In fact, it is extremely important to focus on these details before fleshing out any other desired wording to ensure that guests know where and when the party will be.

Here is an example the most basic sweet sixteen invitation wording:

Join us for a
Sweet 16 celebration
in honor of
(Teen's First and Last Name)


RSVP information

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Be sure that the invitation includes the first and last name of the birthday girl. When there are several people with the same first name in one grade, determining who is having a birthday party can be confusing.

The date, time and location should also be included. If the location is unfamiliar to guests, make sure that the address listed for the location is written exactly the way that it needs to be input into GPS devices. This ensures that guests will not get lost on their way to the bash.

Finally, do not forget to ask guests to RSVP by a particular date so that you know how many guests plan to attend. While a phone number is customary for this portion of the invitation, it is recommended that parents include an email address for the convenience of guests. Many people prefer to communicate electronically, so including a digital means of communication boosts the chances that people will make the effort to RSVP. If the phone number is associated with a cell phone that can accept text messages, make a brief note to ensure that guests know they can RSVP via text. Be sure to also include the name of the person who is collecting a list of those who will and will not be attending the party.

As with all invitation wording, much of the punctuation is left off. For example, periods or commas at the ends of sentences are generally not included. You can include exclamation marks for emphasis though.

Themed Sweet 16 Invitations

Fairy Tale Sweet 16 Invitation Medieval Once Upon a Time

If the party is themed, it's quite a bit more fun if the invitations reflect the theme as well. While the design is one way to reflect the theme of the party, the wording can also match. For example, a dance party can be accompanied by a line about dancing all night to let guests know that they should be prepared for the activity.

Here are some additional ideas for phrases that can be used for themed sweet 16th party invitations:

Fairytale, fantasy or medieval Theme

"Once upon a time... a young girl had a dream. To have a beautiful party when she turned 16."

Hollywood Theme

"Walk the red carpet at (Name)'s sweet 16 bash!"

Camping Theme

"Party under the stars as we celebrate (Name) turning 16!"

Black and White Theme

"Come dressed in your best for (Name)'s sweet 16!"

Surprise Party

"Shhh...don't tell (Name) we're holding a party in her honor!"

These are just a few examples of how wording can match up with the theme of the party. Lemon Leaf Prints offers sweet 16 invitations that fit in with these and other sweet 16 party themes.

Quotes and Poems

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All the wording on Lemon Leaf Prints' invitations can be changed to whatever you'd like. But please note that if you change the wording too much from the sample templates, we may need to rearrange and switch details to the back of the invitation to fit everything. That said, poems about the event offer a fun way to convey that the invitation is for a sweet 16 party and your daughter might want to craft her own poem about her sweet 16 birthday if she's creative. Also, websites like Getwellversed.com offer a wide selection of poems that parents and other party hosts are free to use on invitations.

A poem that is used on sweet 16 invitations fairly often is:
"Farewell to braces, pigtails and toys! Welcome to driving, parties and boys!"

Of course, you can switch it up a bit if you want. For example, instead of farewell and welcome, you could change them to goodbye and hello. Or change up braces to say sleepovers or whatever you'd like.

If the birthday girl has a favorite author, musician or world leader, you might want to include a quote from this favorite person. For example, teens who are passionate about peace and understanding may include a quote from Gandhi. Parents who are ordering invitations for their teen's birthday party may want to consult with them about including a quote on the invite to reflect the personality of the birthday teen.

Formal Invitations

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While some people prefer to keep the wording for sweet 16 invites more casual, it is also possible to use formal wording. In this instance, the wording for the invitations will be more similar to the wording used for wedding invitations. The names of the individuals who are hosting the party will be listed at the top of the invitation. For example, a formal invitation may be worded as follows:

"Mr. and Mrs. (Last Name) request the honor of your presence at a sweet 16 celebration honoring (Name of Birthday Teen)"

With formal invitation wording, all dates and times should also be written out. For example:

"on Saturday, the tenth of September
two thousand and fifteen
at half past six in the evening"

For the RSVP with a formally worded invitation, it is preferable to include a separate RSVP insert card that your guests can mail back. However, if you wish to include it on the invitation, you would write:
"The favor of a reply is requested on or before (date formally written out, year not required)
Kindly reply to (name) at (phone) or (email)"

Formal wording is often reserved for parties that reflect this formality. Lavish parties that include a program of activities for the evening are often accompanied by formal invitations with the above wording. However, formal wording does not have to be reserved only for invitations to more formal events. Teens may be eager to feel that their birthday is a special event, and formal wording helps to reflect this.

While the wording on sweet 16 invitations is important, the overall look of the invitation will be the first thing that guests notice when they open the envelope. High-quality sweet 16 invites in eye-catching colors and designs are ideal for making a positive impression. Lemon Leaf Prints offers a variety of fun and funky sweet 16 invitation designs that can match the unique personality of the birthday girl.