Top 5 reasons blue is a great wedding color

 Feb 25, 2015    Color Themes

Top 5 reasons to choose blue for your wedding color

We don't really think about why we have a preference for certain colors. We also don't think about why we might choose particular colors for celebrating special occasions in our lives, such as getting married.

Did you know that wedding color choice can be a subconscious reflection of your personality traits? It also can be an indication of what you imagine your future life together will be like; your hopes for your future together.

Of course, sometimes we just choose our wedding colors based on the season we are getting married or the theme or location of the event. Or sometimes we just play it safe and choose conservative, classic colors. But, it's still worth looking into the color meaning of the particular colors we are interested in using in our weddings and how those colors subconsciously reflect our personalities and future marriage goals.

Wedding invitation - Outlined Floral Blue Watercolor

So, what about blue? It's a very popular wedding color. But how does it measure up? What are the top 5 reasons to choose blue as your wedding color?

  1. In color theory, blue symbolizes loyalty, faithfulness, wisdom and trustworthiness. These are all things that can make for a successful marriage. A choice of blue for your wedding can mean that you value these traits in yourself and your marriage partner.
  2. Blue is the color of a cloudless bright sky and is also the color of the sea. Blue is calming and is associated with peace and tranquility. Your wedding guests will feel contented and happy at your wedding, particularly when you use brighter / lighter shades of blue. If you find it too calming and want to fire things up, blue can pair well with pink, green, yellow and orange depending on the shade.
  3. Blue is the most universally liked color. It's considered safe and non-threatening by most people in the world. So it can be a good conservative choice for any wedding. You can always spice it up with little touches of other more daring colors.
  4. Blue indicates a future wish for a harmonious and serene marriage that is based on trust. It also symbolizes strength and unity. In using blue, it indicates that your wish is for a marriage that will stand the test of time.
  5. A navy blue or other dark blue can work as a more interesting neutral than black or gray. Pair it with white, ivory, or champagne and you have classic, elegant style. Add in bits of pink, orange, green, or yellow and you have a great color palette.

Wedding Invitations - Winter Snowflake Blue Silver

Ok, so now you might be thinking blue is a great color choice for your wedding. Now all you have to do is pick a shade. Some more popular shades of blue are navy blue, royal blue, sky blue, azure blue, cornflower blue, ultramarine blue, french blue, midnight blue, sapphire blue, oxford blue, powder blue, cobalt blue and cerulean blue. Periwinkle, iris, indigo, turquoise and teal can also be considered a shades of blue.

As you can see, there are a lot of shades of blue!

The darker shades of blue are more conservative and classic, while the brighter shades of blue are more energizing. Using turquoise or teal brings green into blue, whereas periwinkle, iris and indigo bring in purple. These in between colors bring in some of the characteristics of the alternate color into the mix.

As already discussed, blue looks great paired with just about any neutral color. To add a bit of excitement, add touches of other warmer colors such as pink, orange, and yellow. Even some shades of blue look great paired with purple. Also some shades of blue paired with green will look very sophisticated. Or, choose a really vibrant blue to make it over all less conservative and more energizing.

Here are some examples are blue wedding color palettes inspired by scenes found in nature:

Peacock inspired blue color palette theme

 cherry blossom inspired blue color palette theme

 blue macaw inspired blue color palette theme

blue jay inspired blue color palette theme