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$16.00 for 10
$1.60  per flat card
$19.00 for 10
$1.90  per flat card
$26.50 for 10
$2.65  per folded card
$26.00 for 10
$2.60  per folded card
$21.00 for 10
$2.10  per folded card
$19.50 for 10
$1.95  per flat card
$16.50 for 10
$1.65  per flat card

About designer

Multi genre digital artist with a diverse portfolio and a passion for creating innovative visual artistry through graphic design and photography

I specialize in everything that is a little bit different than the usual. I am especially in tune with the areas of Psychedelic Arts, Fractals, Visionary Arts, Music, Psytrance, Electronic Dance Festivals, New Age/Spirituality, Travel, Nature and Macro Photography. My intuitive and unique designs are influenced from the Hippie, Bohemian, Middle Eastern, Geometric, Mandalas, and I am inspired daily by music, nature and life!